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Will DVD replace CD? Can CD-R writers create DVDs?


Will DVD replace CD?

CD-ROMs and recordable CDs will probably never disappear since they are cheaper and can be use instead of DVD when the extra capacity isn't needed. Likewise CD audio discs will probably never be replaced by DVD-Video or DVD-Audio discs since CDs are cheap and simple to make. However, DVD-ROM drives and recordable DVD drives will eventually replace CD-ROM drives and CD-RW drives in computers. Most manufacturers plan to cease CD drive production in favor of DVD drives once they are cheap enough. Because DVD-ROM drives can read CD-ROMs, and because DVD recordable drives can write CD-R and CD-RW discs, there is a compatible forward migration path.

Can CD-R writers create DVDs?

No. DVD uses a smaller wavelength of laser to make smaller pits in tracks that are closer together. The DVD laser must also focus more tightly and at a different level. In fact, a CD-R made on a CD-R writer may not be readable by a DVD-ROM drive. It's unlikely there will be "upgrades" to convert CD-R drives to DVD-R, since this would cost more than purchasing a new DVD-R drive.



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