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 A DVD shrink tool is always used to shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5 in automatic shrink or eposide selection mode.

What is a DVD Shrink tool for?

A DVD Shrink tool is used to shrink large DVD video to small DVD video with quality loss. It’s a way to make DVD copies, however, it’s not 1:1 DVD copy. As we know, commercially-released video DVDs are typically dual layer DVD-9 discs with 8.5GB file size. However, the most common used DVD disc type is DVD-5. When people wants to back up their purchased commercial DVD-9 movies to DVD-5 discs, a DVD shrink tool is needed.

Shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5

DVD-9 is one form of DVD discs which means a single-sided dual-layer DVD disc. DVD-9 can hold approximately 7.95 gigabytes of data, even though marketers like to use the 8.5GB value instead. DVD-5 is an acronym that means a DVD disc that is one-sided single-layer disc and can contain upto 4.38 gigabytes of data on it, however, DVD disc manufacturers love to use marketing terms and sell their discs as 4.7GB discs. But this is misleading and is calculated by using so-called "Japanese gigabytes" which means that gigabyte is calculated as 1,000 megabytes, but in real computer terminology, gigabyte is 1,024 megabytes.

Of course, DVD-9 is expensive than DVD-5. If you want to back up many DVD-9 movies, you may probably use a DVD shrink tool to shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5. A DVD burner which supports DVD-9 burning is also expensive than a DVD burner which only supports DVD-5 burning. If you are using a DVD-5 burner, you have to shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5 if you want to make DVD copies from DVD-9 movie.

DVD Shrink

A free DVD shrink tool comes with the name DVD Shrink. It used to be famous and useful. However, DVD shrink is no longer in development.

On August 17, 2005, the official DVD Shrink website was updated to say that the site "is no more!", prompting many sites to mirror the latest DVD Shrink version and offer it for download. This was a result of DVD Shrink's web host receiving a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice, as compromising digital encryption is prohibited (only in United States, DMCA is not international law). Shortly after, the Web site was restored, and a search box was put in place of the download link. DVD Shrink is no longer available from the official web page, but it is available from many other sites on the Internet and it suggests finding a download source using a general web search, "DVD Shrink".

Any DVD Shrink & Region Code

DVD shrink tools, such as DVD Shrink, Any DVD Shrink, DVDCloner, usually re-encode the movie in lesser quality and/or discard extra content so as to fit on a DVD-5 disc.

Any DVD Shrink is one of the best DVD shrink tools. It’s nothing to do with the program DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink needs to change DVD driver’s region code when the DVD’s region code is not the same as your DVD driver. However, changing DVD driver’s region code is not unlimited. You can only change it for 6 times. After 6 times, your DVD driver will stay in the last region code you used, and you can’t change it after that, no matter you upgrade its firmware or reinstall your computer or use it on another computer. The existance of DVD region code is also used to prevent DVD distributions. So you need to be careful when using DVD Shrink under this situation. With Any DVD Shrink, you don’t have the trouble as DVD Shrink. Any DVD Shrink can easily DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 disc without changing your DVD driver’s region code.

Shrink DVD with Any DVD Shrink

Any DVD Shrink shrinks DVD-9 to DVD-5 to different output mediums including DVD-5 disc, DVD-5 folder and DVD-5 ISO image. And Any DVD Shrink shrinks DVD-9 to DVD-5 in two modes, automatic shrink and episode selection.

In automatic shrink mode, Any DVD Shrink allows the users to make a shrinked DVD copy without changing anything except the quality loss. The compression rate depends on the original DVD-Video file size. What you need to do is to set DVD-5 disc as max DVD size. Direct DVD shrink from DVD-9 to DVD-5 disc needs two DVD drivers and at least one of them must be a DVD burner. If you only have a DVD drive with DVD burning ability, you can shrink DVD-9 to DVD folder or ISO image first, then use Any DVD Shrink to burn the output to the DVD-5 disc.

The other mode is episode selection. Click Open DVD button in Any DVD Shrink, Any DVD Shrink will automatically analyse the structure of the DVD movie, and list all the chapters, titles, audio languages and subtitles with a little check box. Any DVD Shrink will also tell you the whether the DVD movie is NTSC or Pal and which title is the main movie. You can simply uncheck the unnecessary part, like non-native audio languages and subtitles. And this feature of Any DVD Shrink helps to avoid over shrinking your main feature and preserves the overall quality of your DVD copy.

With Any DVD Shrink, you can easily get your DVDs shrinked. And what is more, Any DVD Shrink is not just a DVD shrink tool, it’s also a DVD copier, a DVD cloner, a DVD burning tool and a DVD eraser.

Now, download Any DVD Shrink to have a try.

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