How Any DVD Converter works with Any DVD Shrink

 The DVD rippers help you copy DVD to hard disk and convert them for your portable media player and mobile phone.

What is a DVD ripper?

In fact, DVD ripper isn’t exactly defined.

A software application that copies the content of DVDs to a hard disk drive through a process called ripping can be called a DVD ripper. So sometimes people treat DVD Shrink, Any DVD Shrink, DVDSmith, DVD Decrypter as DVD rippers.

A software application that convert DVD to other video formats playable on iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Archos, Creative Zen, mp4 players or mobile phones can also be called a DVD ripper. Any DVD Converter Pro and other DVD to video converters, which can convert DVD movie and DVD folder for all kinds of media players, are also thought as DVD rippers.

In this article, we temporarily define a DVD ripper as a DVD to video converter.

Why do we need a DVD ripper?

Nowadays, the world is a digital world and we are leading a digital life. Digital media players are around us here and there. iPod, iPhone, PSP, Creative Zen, Archos, Sandisk, Walkman, mobile phones and etc, you may own at least one of them. You listen music or watch movie on your media player during your trips and spare time. You may want to watch your DVD movie on your media player. You may prefer to watch video or DVD on your palm rather than on a TV or a computer. You may need a section of the DVD for authoring. In these cases, a DVD ripper is needed.

Any DVD Converter Pro – An excellent DVD ripper

Any DVD Converter Pro is thought to be one of the best DVD rippers. This DVD rippers has an easy-to-use interface and powerful functions. This DVD ripper can easily convert all kinds of video formats and DVD movie to AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP or other video formats for playing on various portable media players and smartphones. And the DVD ripper allows user to customize all video and audio parameters like video size, video bitrate, framerate and audio bitrate. However, like any other DVD rippers, Any DVD Converter Pro can’t convert all DVD movies. It dues to DVD copy protection and DVD region code. Is there any way to overcome these troublesome DVD items?

Any DVD Shrink comes out! It’s a best DVD decrypter tool to work with Any DVD Converter Pro.

Any DVD Shrink

As we mentioned and defined above, Any DVD Shrink is not a DVD ripper though some people think it is. However, it’s an absolutely necessary DVD decrypter to work with a DVD ripper like Any DVD Converter Pro.

Any DVD Shrink can easily decrypt all kinds of DVD copy protection including Macrovision, Content Scrambling System (CSS), Region Codes (RC), Regional Encoding Enhancemnet (RCE), Sony ArccOS and user operation prohibition (UOP), and enable you to copy the entire DVD to your hard disk as a DVD folder which has no DVD copy protection. Then you can use Any DVD Converter Pro to add the DVD folder to rip as ripping a DVD. The DVD ripper will help you to rip the DVD to other video formats you need. With Any DVD Shrink and Any DVD Converter Pro, you can easily watch your DVD movie on your portable media player.

More about Any DVD Shrink

Regardless of the defination of DVD ripper above, Any DVD Shrink is also an excellent DVD ripper. It’s not only a DVD ripper, but also performs a variety of functions, including DVD copying (also known as DVD cloning), DVD shrink, DVD burning, DVD erasing and creating DVD ISO image. Any DVD Shrink decodes DVD copy encryption like CSS, ArccOS and Region Code, offers features like 1:1 copy, automatic compression and episode selection, supports common used mediums including DVD-5, DVD-9, ISO image and DVD folder. With PAL and NTSC compatible DVD burning functions, Any DVD Shrink can burn ISO image and DVD folder to different disc types including single and dual layer discs which are playable on PC DVD players and standard DVD players with TV.

This powerful DVD ripper gives users complete control to make DVD copies. You can choose to keep any titles, chapters, subtitles and languages of the original DVD. As long as you have Any DVD Shrink, you have a DVD decrypter, a DVD ripper, a DVD copier, a DVD cloner, a DVD burning tool and a DVD shrinker. It’s an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users.

Now download Any DVD Shrink to have a try!

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