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Getting the excellent DVD copy software -- Any DVD Shrink, is much safer than keeping your DVD collection in a locked box.


Any DVD Shrink performs a variety of functions, including DVD decrypting (remove copyprotection and free region code), DVD copying (also known as ripping, cloning or duplicating), and DVD burning. The DVD burning functions are also usually PAL and NTSC compatible and can burn to a variety of disk types including single and dual layer disks, so the burned disk can play on PC DVD players and standard DVD players.

As mentioned, Any DVD Clone software fulfills a wide range of DVD software needs, from DVD decrypting to DVD burning. Here is a brief overview of this DVD copy program's major functions:

DVD Decrypting: Any DVD Clone removes copy protections such as CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, Sony ARccOS, etc, region codes, and user operation prohibition automatically.

DVD Copying: Any DVD Clone can also be referred to as DVD ripping software. Essentially, it copies a DVD to your hard drive for viewing, storing, converting or burning. It is the best DVD ripper that makes perfect 1:1 copies without quality loss. It also supports advanced selective copying, for example, copying main movie or selected chapters.

DVD Burning: The DVD burning feature is a built-in feature of Any DVD Clone. It can burn DVD or ISO to a variety of disk types including DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+/-R.

dvd copier is an all-in-one and easy-to-use DVD copy, decrypting and compressing tools. It can help you decode DVD copy encryption like CSS, ArccOS, Uops, RC and RCE, copy and backup any DVD movies to different mediums like DVD-5 and DVD-9 discs, ISO image and DVD folder on hard drive, shrink your DVD to the proper size and erase rewritable DVD discs for reusing and burn ISO image file and DVD folder to DVD or burn DVD to DVD if your computer has multiple dvd driver. In other words, as long as you have a DVD decrypter, a DVD copier, a DVD cloner, a DVD burning tool and a DVD shrinker. Its function is so powerful that when you want to backup your precious DVD movie or compress DVD movie to save your storage space, dvd copier is just the right tool, as dvd copier has provided all the functions that you needed mostly, such as copying, burning, shrinking and erasing rewritable discs. If you own dvd copier, you can handle your valuable DVD movie freely and effectively, no need to have any other similar products. In a nutshell, it is an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users.

  • Copy DVD to DVD or Copy DVD to hard disk in DVD folder and image ISO formats.
  • Shrink DVD from DVD-9 to DVD-5
  • Burn ISO image or DVD folder to DVD
  • Decode DVD copy encryption like CSS, ArccOS, Uops, RC and RCE
  • Erase rewritable DVD for reusing

How to use dvd copier

Firstly, download dvd copier, and install dvd copier on you local computer, then launch dvd copier after finishing installation. The main interface of dvd copier will be displayed as follows:

dvd copier, a DVD copy, burning, ripping backup and shrinking software

Main Interface of dvd copier

As you can see, dvd copier opens a DVD movie which is in NTSC format. The DVD movie includes many titlesets and it indicates the main movie with the description "the Longest Title". You can also simply double-click any title or chapter to preview.

Secondly, you should set the input and output devices for dvd copier. By dvd copier you can choose input device or output device at the bottom of dvd copier. Input device is your DVD-ROM, output device can be ISO image file, DVD folder or DVD-ROM if you have multiple DVD drivers.

Configure output and input devices for Any DVD Shrink, including DVD-9, DVD-5, ISO image and DVD folder


Thirdly, set cloning Option in dvd copier, through this setting, you can decide which type of DVD disc you want your DVD movie to be stored in or just copy DVD movies to PC hard drive in ISO image file or DVD folder.

how to use dvd copier to burn DVD.


At last, you can click "Copy DVD" button in toolbar of dvd copier to clone and backup you DVD movie or burn them into DVD discs including DVD-9, DVD-5.


how to copy DVD movies with dvd copier