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DVD Backup


If you are someone who collects movies then having DVD copy software is a must. Not only will a reliable program allow you to burn a copy protected DVD, but they serve as a tool for backing up your favorite movies as well. As you never know when disaster will strike, it is always good to backup DVD movies to be on the safe side. It certainly came in handy for this consumer, "I was glad I backed up my DVD movie collection when my basement flooded last year" Steven Darby from Portland, Maine.

Other than DVD backups, the burner in your computer can be used for storing documents and multimedia content such as audio tracks, music videos, movie collections, presentations and much more. These tasks can be performed with the same DVD copy software used to copy DVD movies. In this article we will discuss the importance of DVD copy software and what you should look for in a program.


One feature the ideal DVD copy software must offer is compression. Most of today’s commercial DVD movies are recorded on dual layer discs which are generally able to store up to 9 GB of data. However, most writable DVD media comes in the single layer form and only contains up to 5 GB in capacity. Although DVD copy software is designed to support backups to multiple discs, the ideal backup solution should utilize a compression, or transcoding technique, in order to fit 9 GB worth of data on 5 GB disk. With a reliable program, you can copy DVD to DVD and store your movie collection on a hard disc or various types of DVD media.

Compatibility and Support

Compatibility is another key needed to copy a DVD movie. What this means is that your hardware and DVD copy software must support one another. Additionally, the program should offer support for various storage mediums. Quality DVD copy software will handle a dual layer 1:1 disc, burn a copy protected DVD and automatically detect your storage device, sparing you of time and frustration.

DVD Quality

Keep in mind that while compression is a useful feature, it does have an impact on picture quality. The results will vary from product to product as each has its own compression algorithm. In order to get the best picture quality with DVD to DVD copy, the DVD software should include features such as data compression and comparison, spanning media and data recovery. This will not only ensure better quality, but a long lasting DVD backup as well.

If you are using a dual layer burner to copy a DVD movie, your DVD copy software needs to offer dual layer support. This will enable an exact replica of the dual layer DVD without having to compress the data, thus preserving 100% of the quality. Another method of assuring exceptional quality involves saving space when you burn a DVD movie. This is can be done by removing additional features such as menus, sub-titles and sound tracks. By doing so, compression is drastically reduced and in some cases, it’s not required at all, thus keeping the original quality of the moving intact.

Decoding Feature

You will require a special set of features to copy protected DVDs. Almost every commercial DVD movie released today is encrypted to protect against copyright infringement and piracy, which is rather common with the availability of duplication products. In order to bypass this method of security, your DVD copy software needs to be equipped with a decryption tool. Some programs come with built-in decoders while others offer downloadable add-on tools that can be integrated into the product.

By covering all the essentials, you can find efficient robust software, such as, that allows you to burn a DVD, copy protected DVDs and backup your files as well. Most importantly, you can make sure your precious movie collection is protected in the event of a disaster.


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dvd backup is DVD Decrypter and DVD copying software to copy entire DVD movie to hard disk, and removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) while copying. With DVDSmith Movie Backup, you can rip an entire DVD -- the full disc, all of the audio tracks, menus and special features -- or just the main movie only, to your hard disk with just a few clicks!

With DVDSmith Movie Backup, you own the most efficient way to create backup copies of your DVD movie collection. These working copies allow you to play your DVDs on your computer hard disk without the need of any DVD players. This backup solution avoids the inevitable risk of getting your originals of your DVD movie discs scratched or damaged. You get disc protection with no loss of playback quality.

DVDSmith Movie Backup is a slimmed-down free version of the more full-featured Any DVD Clone. After you copy the DVD to computer hard drive, you can use other burning software like Nero, Roxio, etc. to burn the backup folder to a blank DVD disc. Or, just download Any DVD Shrink , and it can do all for you without sparing any efforts!

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