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How to Clone DVD with Any DVD Shrink


Consumers are currently limited by digital rights management (DRM) restrictions on most commercial DVDs. Without DVD cloner software, we can't currently save the contents of most DVDs to our computers, whether for backup purposes or simply to access our DVD libraries without carrying around the actual discs. Although some "expanded" editions of DVDs come with the ability to save an additional copy to a computer, these editions generally come with a higher price tag.

According to our survey, most American DVD consumer are very interested in being able to back-up and fully use his or her collection. But, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) is much too inflexible when it comes to blocking DVD buyers from backing up their film discs. The MPAA says that consumers don't own the right to crack encryption to make copies. The MPAA also claims that the adoption of DRM in DVD is to prevent piracy.

However, for most consumers who buy a DVD version of a film and then want a digital copy for their iPod, iPhone, PSP, or other devices, the studios apparently want to dip into their pockets a second time. It's an unfair trade-off! It's of non sense for MPAA to prehibit consumers from making backup copies of legally purchased DVDs.

Any DVD Shrink will help you to remove DVD decryption and copy the entire DVD or individual titles and chapters to hard drive that can be converted by a free video converter. Any DVD Shrink is easy to use for making copies of any latest released DVD movies with super fast burning speed and excellent output DVD quality. Any DVD Clone has far exceeded many other DVD copying programs in the market since it intergrates DVD decryption and burning as a one, so you don't need any DVD decrypter to remove the DVD copy protection before movie DVD is being copied to computer hard drive or burn to blank DVD disc.

  • Copy DVD to DVD or Copy DVD to hard disk in DVD folder and image ISO formats.
  • Shrink DVD from DVD-9 to DVD-5
  • Burn ISO image or DVD folder to DVD
  • Decode DVD copy encryption like CSS, ArccOS, Uops, RC and RCE
  • Erase rewritable DVD for reusing

Here I will tell you how to clone dvd with Any DVD Shrink. clone dvd is a common operation when we deal with our DVD movie disc. With Any DVD Shrink, clone dvd can be as easy as 1-2-3, all that we should do is to click. There are no requirement about any DVD knowledge and jargon or programming skills. clone dvd can be done by every average citizen. When you encounter any problems with DVD, you can resort to this tool, Any DVD Shrink. The following article that is listed below will tell you how to clone dvd with Any DVD Shrink in a few steps. I bet that you must be surprised at how easy to clone dvd with Any DVD Shrink. So let's get to the point.

Step 1: Prepare your DVD movie discs and download Any DVD Shrink to install on your local computer. The main interface of Any DVD Shrink will be displayed as follows:

clone dvd

The UI interface is so intuitive and user-friendly. At first glance, I think you must know how to operate this software generally. Every important operation command can be found at the toolbar of Any DVD Shrink. So all you should do is to click those buttons according to the operation procedure.

Step 2: Insert your DVD movie disc to DVD drive and launch Any DVD Shrink

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Main Interface of Any DVD Shrink

As you can see, Any DVD Shrink opens a DVD movie which is in NTSC format. The DVD movie includes many titlesets and it indicates the main movie with the description "the Longest Title". You can also simply double-click any title or chapter to preview.

Step 3: Set output parameters and output device and begin to clone dvd.

Configure output and input devices for Any DVD Shrink, including DVD-9, DVD-5, ISO image and DVD folder


At the bottom of this software, you can set input and output device to determine which kind of medium you want to clone dvd to. Any DVD Shrink makes DVD copy in 1:1 ratio without quality loss. If you have got two or more DVD drives and at least one of them is a DVD burner, you can easily use Any DVD Shrink to clone dvd. If you have only one DVD drive, you can create ISO image file on hard disk for further burning from DVD-9 and DVD-5, or copy the entire DVD to hard disk as a DVD folder no matter whether DVD movies are protected by copy protection encryption or not just because Any DVD Shrink is able to decode any copy protection encryption. In the meanwhile, Any DVD Shrink provides DVD compression function, which is conducive to shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5.

Step 4: Click the corresponding button to clone dvd

how to copy DVD movies with clone dvd

After finishing the above setting, you just click clone dvd button or something like that to begin your task. Any DVD Shrink will show you the progress to clone dvd via progressing bar.

That's all tutorial about how to clone dvd. It's to so easy. Let's begin clone dvd.